Interview with Murk Muller and with Pamina, Max and Heike in Ars Aequi, Stagespecial, Mei 2012, conducted by Irene Poppelier en Marlous Fortuin.
Ms Ira Schelp described the Anwaltsladen in a press-release in January 04, 2000.
Advocaat and Rechtsanwalt Murk Muller on History and Future of the Anwaltsladen in March 2001, the Anwaltsladen being awarded as "Best Concept for Flexible Work in Law Firms" by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Anwaltsmanagement (Study Group Lawyer Management) and the Forum Junge Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwälte (Forum Young Lawyers) of the Deutscher Anwaltverein the German Bar Association


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